Interior Designer Luz Perez Brown

Hi, I’m Luz, an interior designer, wife & momma living in San Antonio, Texas.

I studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, earning a BFA in Architecture & Design while living in the most beautiful city on earth.

We’re always on the move, but some things are constant- coffee, giggles, and the need to recharge together in the place we call home. We love exploring on sunshine days, cooking delicious meals, and finding our way into our cozy beds at night for bedtime stories and baby doll kisses. Family always comes first, and I’m committed to designing homes that are lived in fully. We’re turning four walls into the backdrop of life’s best memories and cherishing the simple joys along the way.

Whenever possible, Slate incorporates Eco-friendly practices and strives to create a healthy home through the use of organic fabrics, reclaimed woods and sustainably sourced materials.