Interior Designer Luz Perez Brown

Luz Perez Brown

Interior Designer for the Modern Family

Luz has called cities like Atlanta, San Francisco, Virginia Beach and Miami “home”, exploring each diverse region and the unique lifestyle each has to offer. Her curiosity has evolved to an inspired style and unique aesthetic, an eclectic mix of casual - both old and new. Drawing inspiration from lush landscapes, minimal design, bustling beaches, and architecture drenched in history, her edited and restrained approach is warm, inviting and feels collected through the years.

While in SF, Luz earned a B.F.A in Interior Architecture & Design, quickly gaining hands-on experience by consulting in high-end designer showrooms in the bay area. Slate Design Studio offers streamlined, easy-to-understand design services, as well as an ongoing library of DIY resources for the digitally-inclined design enthusiast.

Whenever possible, Slate incorporates Eco-friendly practices and strives to create a healthy home through the use of organic fabrics, reclaimed woods and sustainably sourced materials.

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