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Bring the Outdoors in with Natural Decor


Bring the Outdoors in with Natural Decor

Hey! Can you believe it’s almost February already?! It feels like only yesterday we were jamming out to “All I want for Christmas” and eating up all the holiday sweets! Ammiright? Well, the month of love is undoubtably just around the corner, and when we talked about natural materials being totally in style for 2019, my heart literally skipped a beat!

So in honor of Valentine’s Day and all that is lovable, I’ve rounded up my favorite natural and neutral design finds that are seriously worth crushing over.

Slate Design Studio - Naturals and Neutrals

Rattan Basket: This leather basket is so versatile and I LOVE the leather trim and handles! This would be great in a living room to store cozy blankets or under a entry console to hold your favorite shoes.

Natural Agate Clock: I’m absolutely obsessed with this artisan agate clock, it stunning to look at and would make a great nightstand or desk accessory. If anyone is buying me a gift anytime soon, this one for sure is a winner!

Aren Pot: This sweet little vase is perfect for displaying a fresh bouquet of tulips or silver dollar eucalyptus! I like that it’s not too big, so you can corral it in a larger tray to create a pretty catch-all.

Painted Carved Wood Pillar Holders: After hosting thanksgiving dinner (for 20+ people, mind you!) this year- I’m obsessed with alllll the candleholders. These chunky turned wood holders have an antique look and distressed finish that gives it charm and depth.

Recycled Cotton Throw: I love me a patterned throw blanket. This one in particular would look amazing draped over the foot of the bed. With a bold dark gray and white chevron pattern, it’s sure to jazz up a space in need of a little pattern pick me up.

Acacia Serving Bowl: This gorgeous acacia board had me at dovetail! The woods natural split is joined by a butterfly dovetail and the teardrop handle is delicate and seamless. Perfect for an elegant cheese board.

Dip Dyed Stools: Who doesn’t love these perfect little dip-dyed stools?! I see them used everywhere, they’re petite enough to be moved around easily and are great for a little extra surface space. I’ve been dying to get one of these myself for my daughter’s room!

Animal and Kids Doormat: Hahaha! And speaking of my daughter,  this custom doormat always makes me laugh! I have two dogs and a toddler- so it personally rings true, but they’re a bunch of other really funny ones in the shop

Black and White Table Lamp: I love this tall and earthy desk lamp! The shape is a perfect mix of sturdy and delicate and the pattern is interesting without being too busy. 

Wood Serving Bowls: These wooden bowls are great for displaying treasures and trinkets. Load one up with a few beaded necklace or do like Danielle Moss from The Everygirl and fill a bowl up with fun polaroid pics. They’ll jazz up your coffee table and be an awesome conversation starter!

Framed Art Print: This is one of my favorite art prints this year. It’s one out of a series of two, so they’ll look great in large format side by side, or you can opt for a smaller one for your nightstand or dresser. I love the neutral colors, and paired with a dark metal frame, it’s chic and oh-so-classy. 

Two Tier Wall Shelf: I love this wicker storage basket to collect everyday essentials! I might use it in a home office to sort mail, but where I really want one is in my kitchen! I could finally store all of our ground coffee jars in something beautiful that’ll keep my counters clutter free.

So there ya have it! What do you think of this round up? Are there any favorites that you’re eager to bring into your home?


5 Interior Design Trends that Are Going to Rock 2019


5 Interior Design Trends that Are Going to Rock 2019

2018 brought us a shift from light and bright interiors to deeper tones and bolder choices. This year, expect the boldness to continue with five solid design trends that are sticking around and can’t be ignored.

1. Floral wallpaper

Big bold wallpaper is back- and (some) folks have lost the fear! Gone are the days of gray paint and gallery walls to fill up a space. Rooms with colorful wallpapers in botanical themes are really setting the stage for high contrast and cheerful design. Not to mention that the wow factor is amplified, especially when paired with thoughtful trim molding, or used in smaller spaces.

2. Jewel Tone Furniture

Piggy backing on the deep, moody color trend, furnishings have stepped onto the color wheel and are now being offered in rich emeralds, violets and glorious teals. Pair these vivid tones with leather and natural woods and you have a cozy and dynamic environment that just envelops you in comfort.

3. Patterned Tiles

Patterned encaustic tiles are having a serious moment and are possibly here to stay. From colorful backsplashes to monochrome floor tiles, these pattern-rich squares tell a story and can work in a variety of styles from farmhouse to modern. Keep it simple when the surroundings are bold, or really play it up in a tamer room.

4. Natural Materials

Leather and linen are king in my book, and it looks like most designers agree. While I prefer a great performance fabric for kid and doggy friendly sofas, there’s great opportunity to bring these natural materials in to a space through window treatments, ottomans, and accessories. In addition to that, there’s an increased interest in being natural wood, and earthy furniture and decor peices into the home. A great way to bring the outdoors in, I say, and I’m all in.

5. Curved Furniture

This bold ‘70’s inspired style started popping up in 2018 and it looks like we’re embracing it. Moving away from straight lines and boxy furniture, this natural and organic shape can really dress up a room and give it an elegant feel without being stuffy or uncomfortable.

So there you have it! I’d love to know what you think- do you see yourself implementing any of these design styles in your home? Let me know in the comments section below!