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Bright Vibes with Floral Accents


Bright Vibes with Floral Accents

Thank heavens the cold weather is gone! Here in San Antonio it’s been a wonderful 75 degrees at night and everywhere you look, blooms are in season. It’s so lovely! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I absolutely love flowers, and seeing all the beautiful landscapes the past few weeks has got me thinking all about floral patterns! I do like my neutrals, but I can’t help to be drawn to a fun, colorful floral print, especially when the chill of winter starts to fade.

What a sweet little way to say hello to a friend, welcome a guest, or even take notes while on the job. Below is a round-up of some of my favorite floral prints, most of which were designed by a few of my all-time favorite artist. Perfect for a little spring refresh, or just to add a little lovely back into your life.

Bright Vibes with Floral Accents  | Slate Design Studio

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1// English Garden Throw Pillow - I’ve been following Caitlin Wilson for a loooong time. I mean, I was still in art school and she had JUST started designing her own fabrics. Now she has a few retail shops and a gorgeous textile line with the prettiest pillows, rugs and wallpapers you’ve ever seen. This floral pillow is one of my favorites.

2// Conrflower Dinner Napkin - My dining room is a little on the monotone side and when I set the table, I like to add color and texture with patterned linens and fresh flowers. These cornflower blue floral napkins add a bit of color while still feeling casual. I’ve written about getting killer artwork with Minted, but they also have amazing home decor items too!

3// Blush Botanical thank You Card Set - It’s always good to have thank you cards on deck. Have you heard of the Eli Trier’s The Gratitude Project? What a great concept! I haven’t gotten around to reading the book, but I’ve been tempted to write a thank you note everyday for a year too, especially with these pretty blush pink gold foil notecards!

4// Mathilde Vase - Bring on the color. This stoneware vase would look gorgeous with fresh cut white tulips, and I like that the inside has an accent color. It’s a pretty mint green, but it also comes in pink and in blue. Honestly I could hardly pick a favorite!

Rifle Paper Co.  | Slate Design Studio Feature

5// Vintage Blossom Notebook Set - I always have a notebook on my desk to jot down phone call notes, or do basic math- yup don’t judge me... I will definitely use pen and paper to add 3200 and 1500. And I typically like to have a pretty notebook to make me feel better about having to do that. Have I told you that I’m 6 math credits away from a Communications degree? Anyway, I digress. This vintage blossom notebook set is awesome and makes a great gift!

Society 6  | Slate Design Studio Feature
Society 6  | Slate Design Studio Feature

6// Floral Portrait Wall Clock - I like funky art and it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of the surreal artwork that Dada22 creates. Mostly featuring beautiful feminine portraits with floral and butterfly cutouts. They’re really lovely and represent both beauty and strength. This wall clock is super cool and minimal with just the right amount of flair.

Source:  Ashley Woodson Bailey

7// Bearded Iris in a White Bowl Print - Ashley Woodson Bailey. Do you know her? If not, you should. The most beautiful floral photography. It’s dark and moody, a maybe a little bit haunting, but absolutely gorgeous and very chic. This bearded iris print is on the brighter side, and is completely captivating.

Khristian A. Howell  | Slate Design Studio Feature  | Slate Design Studio Feature

8// Une Femme Sleek and Chic Phone Case - Khristian Howell and I met a few years back when I was living in Atlanta and she is the sweetest, most down-to-earth go-getter I’ve ever met! She is an amazing artist and I love this dark floral une femme phone case along with mostly everything else her site! Lol. The gift wrapping papers, gah!

9// Garden Party Thermal Mug & Rose Parade Sipping Tumbler - Drink water! Beat the heat, drill sergeant, beat the heat! Haha. Do you know that chant? We mostly drink out of our favorite thermal coffee mugs and tumblers throughout the day. makes really fun vibrant ones that always add a little cheer into getting refills. How cute is this garden party thermal mug and this rose parade tumbler? But seriously- stay hydrated, y’all.

10// Italy Spring Wall Art - Pink and blue together in perfect harmony! This Italy spring wall art from Anthropologie is so sweet and the color scheme is desaturates enough that it doesn’t feel too girly. Plus the framing is just lovely!

So those are some of my favorites. Now tell me, what did I miss?! Tell me about your favorite floral finds in the comment section below. Maybe it’s even one from this list! Ha.