Available for single rooms or full-scale projects, this full service design process focuses on all of the key elements and special touches that make a home feel cohesive and complete. From start to finish, save time and energy by letting us handle the logistics and details that bring most projects to a standstill. You'll be guided through every step of the way as the evolution of your new digs unfolds. You can be as involved with the project as you feel comfortable with. And in no time at all, you'll be comfortably living in style- without loosing any sleep.

The Design Process

We Have an In-Home Consultation

We'll chat to discuss your project scope, determined budget, particular needs and answer any questions you may have regarding the design process and associated fees. You'll receive a formal proposal which identifies the specific goals for your project, project milestones, and our terms & conditions. Prior to our first meeting we'll send out our design questionnaire for you to complete. This includes valuable information for a complete understanding of your project needs.

Design Concept is Approved

After measuring your space and existing furnishings, we'll design an architectural and/or furniture layout plan that is custom-tailored to your design needs and lifestyle. You'll also receive an illustrative concept, which will include color, style and the overall design direction of your project. You'll provide feedback of what you love and what you'd like to tweak in order to move the design forward.

We Refine The Final Plan

Once you approve your design concept, we can begin to narrow down the specifics. You will be presented with a complete selection of materials, finishes, furnishings and accessories for your space. Together, we will approve items for purchase and make revisions as necessary.

We Impelement The Design

Any documents needed for construction purposes will be prepared, items that have been approved will be ordered, and professional sub-contractors will be scheduled. At this time, we will also coordinate delivery and shipping of items, warehousing, and any necessary follow up with vendors.

We Install And Reveal

The best part of all! While you're away, we'll have everything moved in, set up, and all final touches will be completed before you return. To follow-up, there will be a post-occupancy interview to confirm the space is working for you and also an opportunity for professional photography.


Ready to take the first steps towards your perfect space?